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More than just Food

Verdicchio Restaurant and Wine Cellar is situated in the heart of Montecasino, Fourways. Dine in the romantic setting of an Italian Villa in the heart of Tuscany, with our Mediterranean flavors to accompany wines of all vintages, from all the wine regions of the world, indulge and leave with a true Italian experience.

Housing over 300 Labels of various varietals, vintages, rare wines, and champagnes, Verdicchio has been awarded the Diamond Award for its extensive Wine List. Our love of wine is encompassed in our wine list, we are constantly looking to add and to offer a rich choice that will suit everyone. In our cellar we have wines from most wine regions of the world, including sought after rare local wines.

The heart of Verdicchio is the authentic wine cellar, were we have tables laid out for the romantics, the family, the celebration dinner or lunch. One thing is certain, a good wine is truly enjoyed in a rustic cellar with good food. Many wedding proposals have been made in our cellar, many deals have been struck and celebrated in Verdicchio. The cellar has hosted the family reunion, birthday celebrations and anniversaries, is it not time for you to make a memory in our cellar.

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