Verdicchio Family LunchWinter is approaching fast, and although we will miss the fun in the sun, the colder weather is perfect for these hearty and comforting meals.

Our oxtail is rich, flavourful and delicious. A comforting world classic dish, cooked slowly to perfection to fall off the bone. It is well worth the wait, served with rice & our specially prepared vegetables.

Lamb a la Kleftiko

Our Lamb ala Kleftiko is prepared in the Greek traditional way, served on a bed of rice with vegetables of the day. In Greek, kleftiko means “stolen meat”.

According to legend, Greek bandits used to capture lambs or sheep and leave the meat to cook over many hours in covered pits so that there was no smoke, fire or smell that would give them away. When they could get back undetected, many hours or even a day later, a delicious “falling-off-the-bone tender” meal awaited.

Our Oxtail and Lamb a la Kleftiko pairs wonderfully with our Spier 21 Gables Pinotage 2014 - a dark red wine with a vibrant red hue, flavours of caramelised black cherries and hints of dark chocolate.

Minestrone Soup

The Minestrone soup is a thick, soul-satisfying soup of Italian origin, loaded with vegetables. It is cooked to perfection in a tomato-based sauce, enhancing the depth of flavour.

Malva Pudding

This spongy sweet pudding is of Cape Malay origin and is a traditional favourite! End of the perfect winter meal with a warm bowl of trusty malva pudding covered with a blanket of vanilla custard. With these and many more hearty meals, we will chase away the winter blues without a problem!

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